Posted by: lizabennett | June 17, 2010

Plant Availibility

My attendance at the local Squamish Farmer’s Market is finished for the spring but I will be back again August 21 and August 28 when it is time to think about fall planting.  

Blueberry bushes are available (1 gallon pot @$8) as well as ever bearing raspberry canes (1 gallon pot @$4) and strawberry plants (8 @ $10).  Delivery about town is available.  Just call to arrange your order.

I have include photos (category and order number or cultivar name will appear if you scroll over the photo) of a few bearded irises that I will be dividing shortly and I will continue to add new photos as I lift them.  I will have bare root  rhizomes available for sale ($6) at the time of lifting or upon request.  I will also be potting up plants into 1 gallon pots to make available throughout summer and fall, although the number of varieties I can transport to Farmer’s Market is somewhat limited.



  1. I wish I had a garden!

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