Posted by: lizabennett | February 20, 2011

Pruning Maples

Although we are still seeing a blanket of white, it is time to start planning any tree pruning you will need to do before spring is truly here.  Any tree pruning should be done as close to bud burst as possible.  This reduces the length of time that large unhealed wounds are exposed to air and rain bourn disease and reduces the incidence of rot.   The first thing the tree focuses on when the growing season finally arrives is sealing the wound through what is called compartmentalization and then begins the process of healing the wound. 

Most maples have beautiful form and may need very little pruning.  If possible, restrict any pruning at all to dead and diseased wood only.  If not, the prune time of maples is more critical than most other trees.  It is important to prune while they are still fully dormant, before the sap starts to flow.   Because maples ‘bleed’ badly if pruned while the sap is flowing, it is important to be aware of how close to leaf out your tree is before you decide to renovate or remove any larger limbs.


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