Posted by: lizabennett | March 5, 2011

Time To Order Seed

With all this snow I decided to feed my soul, I needed a pick me up.  I compiled my seed order this morning and set out to find a source for Heritage and Heirloom vegetable seed varieties. 

After looking at a variety of sites I began to wonder what, if any, was the difference between Heritage and Heirloom when it was used to describe plant varieties.  It seems that the words are interchangeable.  A loose definition of a heritage or heirloom plant is a variety or cultivar that originated before the widespread introduction in early 1950s of hybridized seed. 

I hadn’t given it much thought past vegetables, but the term applies to annuals, perennials, and herbs as well as vegetables.  Whatever the form, the common thread is that they are rarely found in today’s garden.

Today I did my part to preserve seed diversity, I chose varieties carefully, all heirloom, as an investment I intend to keep from year to year.  I have also enlisted 2 close friends to share the wealth and increase our chances of success.    

Here are a some  sources fromVancouver Island that I found useful.                good general selection            great selection of tomatoes          good selection of squash and tomatoes

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