Posted by: lizabennett | March 19, 2017

Everbearing Berry Plants

Available in 3 weeks:

4 inch pots of Everbearing Strawberries plants         $3 ea   4/$10   10/$20

1 and 2 gallon pots Everbearing Raspberry canes      $7 ea   4/$25   5/$30

Raspberries fruit from early July to late September.  Berries are produced on both last years stems as well as new shoots produced in the current growing season.  Each pot contains 1 cane of old wood, cut to produce several shoots of berries, as well as 2 shoots (basal) that will produce unbranched canes providing the late season berries.  These canes can be cut in fall or the following spring to encourage multiple stems of new growth for early berries, and the process of new unbranched canes from the base will start again.

Strawberries fruit throughout the early summer to early fall.  Last year these plants continued to produced fruit late into fall with the last berries appearing in November. Sadly for all their effort they had little hope of ripening. These plants produce fewer runners than June bearing varieties, saving energy for berry production. The early offshoot plants are also stronger, becoming productive in the same year.

To place an order please email or call 604 898 4398.  Delievery of larger orders can be arranged.

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