ABOUT GreenScapes

If each of us believes that doing our small part matters, how can that not be a good thing.  

The Vision of Liza Bennett’s GreenScapes is ‘A Greener World One Landscape at a Time’.  In both past and current career paths, forestry and horticulture, although I was affecting the landscape, putting back so to speak, I did not feel that my personal contribution was affecting a change to attitudes, knowledge and eventually practices.    

Through GreenScapes, it is my goal to leave a positive mark on the community and the health of local surroundings by providing encouragement, motivation and education in the use of environmentally respectful practices to maintain personal landscapes. 

Proper plant maintenance leads to stronger, healthier plants, shrubs and trees, better more durable plant choices lead to less water consumption and the reduction or elimination of the use of chemicals.  Introducing herb and edible plants into an ornamental landscape can not only increase your own self sufficiency, but in a small way reduce the burden of food transportation costs. 

At GreenScapes, I provide customized coaching, site specific techniques and hands on training to allow you to find that healthy balance within your landscape.


I arrived in Squamish in 1997, by way of the forest industry.  After a decade in the field of silviculture, I decided to take my interest in plants and ecology in a new direction.  It has since become an all consuming passion. 

Although my recreational hobbies are vastly different they can be described in much the same way, I am either up to my elbows in mud or up to my elbows in clay and on any given day, sometimes both. 

I have developed a niche nursery, mainly growing iris and hosta, but it has over the years diversified to include locally durable perennials and some tree and shrub varieties.  See p&p iris

I also am a pottery artist, working mostly with slabs to build pieces, each one unique, combining funky with functionality.  Often the pieces are either inspired by or embellished with the plant material around me.  See p&p pottery

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